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East Cambridgeshire District Council

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… will directly impact our ability to serve our communities in the most effective way. The Human Imperative: Climate change exacerbates existing challenges to our services and the communities we serve. Increasing frequencies of heatwaves, flooding and its contamination of water supplies pose a particular threat for our most vulnerable residents. Climate refugees, people displaced from their homes…

… travel Travel for business purposes in assets not owned or directly operated by the organisation. Hotel stays Overnight hotel stays for work purposes. Material use Process emissions from purchased materials. Waste disposal Emissions from end-of-life disposal of different materials using a variety of different disposal methods. Water supply Emissions from water delivered through the mains…

…. Methods include: Annualising consumption or average data calculated using bookended periods. Business travel Staff mileage claims N/A Hotel Stays Staff claim forms N/A Refrigerants Energy invoices N/A Water supply Energy invoices from different suppliers. Annualising consumption where required Table: Source of data by energy type 21 Calculating the Baseline To calculate…


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