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North Northamptonshire Council

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… in their creation, as well as reducing the natural materials required in their production. The Council will continue to promote waste minimisation and waste reduction to avoid the creation of waste. This will be achieved through behaviour change activity and raising awareness amongst our residents. Our waste collection services will be designed to encourage recycling and reducing the amount of waste

disposed through our general waste stream. The Council offers residents a comprehensive range of recycling options to facilitate the recycling of as many materials as possible. This is achieved through kerbside collections as well as our network of Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs). North Northamptonshire Council has standardised most recycling collections across the former…

… boroughs and districts and will continue this work so all residents can benefit from the full range of recycling services we offer. This will include the introduction of food waste collections across North Northamptonshire. This will help reduce the amount of food going into landfill, which releases methane (a potent greenhouse gas) during composition. We will seek to reduce the carbon emissions…

… Northamptonshire Council supports and promotes the established concept of reduce, reuse and recycle which seeks to reduce waste arisings and promote recycling. The reduction of waste, particularly of single-use products, reduces the carbon emissions associated with their initial creation as well as their transportation and ultimate disposal. Recycling materials reduces the amount of energy used…

…: purchase of goods and services, capital works and equipment, transportation, waste and disposal, and investments. A number of Council services are delivered by external providers, whose carbon emissions are outside the scope of the Council direct control, however the Council is well placed to incorporate sustainability targets as part of its procurement contracts, as evidenced as part…


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