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North Norfolk District Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

…. They are electricity purchasing, gas use, our vehicles, business travel, emissions associated with the buildings we lease to third parties, water, waste, and Council contracts. For each of these categories, we explain the emissions baseline and how this has trended over the past three years. We then explain what we are proposing to do to reduce the baseline over the next two financial years, being 2022/23…

… 4.5 Leased buildings 26 4.6 Water 27 4.7 Council contracts 28 4.8 The Council’s own waste 29 5 The Climate Action Plan 2022-24 31 6 The wider regional challenge 35 6.1 Addressing climate adaptation 35 7 A role for us all 40 7.1 If you live in North Norfolk 41 7.2 If you visit North Norfolk 41 7.3 If you go to school in North Norfolk 42 7.4 If you run…

… vehicles are needed. We will also encourage our work force away from transport based on fossil-fuels, in favour of, where practical, walking, cycling and public transport. A change towards the green economy: facilitating the supply and purchasing of more sustainable products and services with less waste. Our ambition is to have a thriving green and circular economy within North Norfolk…

…, with businesses providing accessible low carbon services and offering sustainable commercial and locally sourced products. The Council, residents and stakeholders will consider the environmental impact of what they buy and sell due to increased climate awareness. Our residents will reuse, repair and share products, avoiding unnecessary packaging and single-use plastics, so very little waste

… will be generated. Any remaining waste streams will be reused or recycled where possible. Finally, a glossary of key terms is at Appendix B. The Net Zero Strategy and Action Plan was adopted by the Council in February 2022. From here on we will be measuring progress on a half-yearly basis, and each year we will consult and engage with residents and stakeholders on changes to it for the following financial…


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