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Including 5 closely related terms such as reduce, waste, and food waste.

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East Devon District Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… options  Challenging all economic sectors to review their practices and the values of those they do business with  Divesting from fossil fuels  Changing our dietary patterns and reducing food waste  Changing agricultural practices to reduce emissions associated with farming operations, manage soils sustainably and replenish soil carbon  Encouraging carbon storage such as through…

… drive and influence emissions reductions and improved resilience in their areas through the services they deliver, their role as community leaders and major employers, and their regulatory and strategic functions. For county councils this includes strategic plans related to Education, Highways, Waste Disposal, Public Health, Passenger Transport, Flood Risk Management, Minerals and Waste

… and refrigeration).  Scope 2 energy indirect – consumption of purchased electricity, heat, steam and cooling.  Scope 3 other indirect – purchased materials and fuels; transport related activities; waste disposal; leased assets and franchising and outsourcing; sold goods and services. We commissioned the University of Exeter to assist us with this complex piece of work. The Centre for Energy…

… 2020/21 2021/22 2022/23 G H G E m is si o n s tC O 2 e Annual GHG Emissions by Category (Scope 1 = blue, Scope 2 = red, Scope 3 = green) 11. Offset Emissions 10. Sold Goods and Services 9. Leased assets and franchising, outsourcing 8. Waste disposal 7. Transport related activities 6. Purchased material and fuel 5. Electricity 4. Fugitive emissions 3. Process emissions East…

…; • Increase recycling rates; • Reduce waste by supporting the re-use and repair of products and materials. Education, Communication and Influencing Behaviour • Further integrate sustainable behaviour promotion and practice throughout schools, colleges, universities, and workplaces; • Ensure that communication which is aimed at influencing climate change related behaviour is delivered…


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