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City of Edinburgh Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… 2: Emission scope definitions for City Regions Figure.2: GHG Protocol City Emissions Scopes The emissions sources included within this initial summary analysis are shown below in dotted-lines to the left; further iterations - and our full report - retain the capacity to include further sources of emissions (inter alia waste, land-use, and other sectors) shown on the right…

… to the subdivisions shown above (see Appendix for details of sources included) in BASIC method. The P-CAN team are currently conducting feasibility studies on data availability and model-development involved in BASIC+ sources (particularly Scope-3 involving waste, aviation, transport and processes) and a project-by-project basis accounting for Regional Deal developments pertinent to Edinburgh’s emissions…

… analysis and our final report have the capacity to extend sectoral analysis of Scope-1 and Scope-2 emissions to waste and other sectors, but they are not considered here as the vast majority of territorial emissions are contained within the following sectors. Importantly, this executive summary does not present the portfolio of recommended investments and interventions analysed…

… in Edinburgh, followed by the domestic and commercial sectors (see Figure.7 below). Figure.7: Source of Emissions in 2019 by Sector For the purposes of this summary report, the focus of modelling has been on the Domestic, Commercial, Transport and Industrial sectors only. A full report potentially including additional sectors (inter alia Waste, Aviation, Land-Use, etc.) will proceed…


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