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Including 11 closely related terms such as reduce, waste management, and sustainable waste.

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West Oxfordshire District Council

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… and at a National level to reduce waste at source (including Single Use Plastics); developing innovative and sustainable waste management solutions; and facilitating low-carbon solutions for waste recycling and disposal. Biodiversity & landscape  Work across Council functions, with partners in the District, County and at a National level to protect and enhance biodiversity…

…. Key for greenhouse gas and carbon-emissions scope. Scope Emissions source Description 1 Gaseous Fuel Consumption Natural gas fuel combusted on Council sites and in Council Owned Leisure centres. Liquid Fuel – Fleet Liquid fuel (petrol) used by the Council owned vehicle fleet. Liquid Fuel – Waste Liquid fuel (diesel) used by Council operated waste collection

… and transportation of the raw liquid fuel from source to the Council fleet. WTT Liquid fuel – waste Emissions associated with extraction, refining and transportation of the raw liquid fuel from source to the Council waste collection fleet. Item No. 9, Page 7 of 19 Scope Emissions source Description Business travel Vehicle mileage per fuel type (diesel, unleaded…

… 986,004 984,182 Liquid Fuel - Fleet 181,917 176,922 Liquid Fuel - Waste 387,722 382,340 Total Scope 1 1,555,643 1,543,445 Two Purchased electricity 487,326 483,556 Total Scope 2 487,326 483,556 Three WTT Gas 136,731 WTT Liquid Fuel - Fleet 42,225…

… Item No. 9, Page 6 of 19 Annual 2018/19 Scope Source CO2e (kg) CO2 (kg) WTT Liquid Fuel - Waste 92,321 Business travel - staff mileage 58,474 58,099…


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