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Including 10 closely related terms such as reduce, waste management, and waste generation.

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London Borough of Hillingdon

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reduction strategies. Monitor, record, and report on progress. C5.4 Work with businesses to reduce waste productivity. C5.5 Encourage and support residents and communities to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. C5.6 Develop a community campaign to manage waste more sustainability. C5.7 Promote the importance and value of growing food, either individually or through community groups. Waste

… or renewable assets, or by purchasing a carbon offset elsewhere. C5 Waste Management C5.1 Lead by example with a clear waste collection and sorting strategy for the Council’s own operations with year on year targets for improvements. C5.2 Support the West London Waste Authority on waste reduction campaigns. C5.3 Provide an online resource for educational facilities to develop and implement waste

… attention given to the higher tiers of the hierarchy. We must first encourage the avoidance of waste wherever possible. When we determine the need for a service or product, we must consider the waste generation and life cycle of what is being proposed. This is because when we factor in the waste generated, it may be worth avoiding the product or service altogether. Reducing waste is also extremely…

… Using Clean and Green Energy C5 Waste Management C6 Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation C7 Carbon Offsetting 5. The Actions C1 Community Leadership C1.1 Promote the concept of zero carbon communities. C1.2 By the end of 2021 we will have a dedicated online learning resource to provide detailed advice and guidance on how to lower a person’s carbon footprint. C1.3 To use our unique…

management may only represent a small portion of our carbon footprint, but this does not tell the whole story. Plastic provides a good example of the carbon lifecycle of waste. Plastic is essentially a form of fossil fuel that is made from oil or natural gas; its carbon footprint starts immediately as it is produced. From here, plastic undergoes many other processes before its end journey…


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