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Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

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… used in recycling and waste collection and ground maintenance. Scope 3 also includes emissions associated with disposal of waste generated by our own estate, water consumption, grey fleet (employees using their own vehicles on Council business). Greenhouse gas emissions are reported in units of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e). This allows the impact of each of the seven main greenhouse…

…. The ‘waste management’ emissions only consider the operation of the collection vehicles and not the treatment and storage of the waste or the environmental benefits of recycling. Further analysis of the data as detailed in chart 3.4 shows that the outsourced services of leisure, waste collection and grounds maintenance create the highest emissions accounting for 57per cent of the 60 per cent…

… reducing our emissions and will help to reduce the impact on the climate at both the local and national level. The Council is keen to demonstrate leadership by rapidly reducing its own carbon footprint, building on the emissions reductions that we have already achieved. This will require an overarching commitment by us all to prioritise action to reduce our energy consumption, reduce waste

…, with the other scopes comprising approximately 20 per cent each, being natural gas (Scope 1) and electricity (Scope 2). Such emissions patterns are typical for a council, as several services are outsourced, including the leisure and waste collection contracts. Most transport emissions shown in Chart 3.3 & 3.4 above are associated with the household recycling and waste collection service…

… total. The waste collection and leisure contracts make up over half of total emissions, each accounting for just over a quarter. Other emissions, as shown in chart 3.4 above, contribute only 7 per cent to the total footprint. This is made up mainly of the ground’s maintenance contract, grey fleet, oil use and, to a lesser extent, owned vehicles. The Council’s own vehicle fleet…


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