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Including the closely related terms waste, and waste disposal.

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Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… buildings & facilities (8%) Rail (<1%) Solid waste disposal (2%) Industrial process (<1%) Total: 1,234ktC02e Figure 3: BEIS sector inventory for direct and indirect emissions with Stockport 2017 Industry and Commercial (25%) Domestic (39%) Transport (36%) Total: 1,205ktC02e 12 Future Emissions Profile Figure 4: Stockport Carbon Budget and Pathways for the District-Wide…

… (66%) Transport (30%) Waste (4%) Industrial Processes and Product Use (<1%) Total: 1,234 ktC02e Transport (30%) 376 ktC02 Total Buildings (66%) 815 ktC02 Total: 1,205 ktC02e Domestic (39%) 467ktC02 Industry and Commercial (25%) 304 ktCO2 Transport (36%) 436 ktCO2 Total: 1,234 ktC02e On-road - transport (30%) 370 ktC02 Residential buildings (40%) 496ktC02 Institutional…

… of staff Carbon Literacy Trained including the Senior Leadership Team. We commission our electricity from a green energy supplier. Stockport Homes has designed and developed an interactive environmental awareness course called ‘My Planet and Me’ which is delivered by Stockport Homes’ staff members to new starters. It is accredited to the carbon literacy standard but includes waste

… treat our waste all impact the natural environment, locally and nationally. We know that individuals will have an important role to play here in reducing the amount of waste they create by buying fewer products and by buying products which last longer. The phrase Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is often used when we talk about how to be more environmentally friendly and so we will encourage…

… across the borough by 2025. We will create an orchard in every ward across the borough by 2025/26, planting over 3,500 fruit trees by 2030. We will reduce Council waste by at least 15% by 2025. Although we are already successful, we will seek to maintain and improve on our efforts and encourage residents to do the same. 29 9. Reporting on Progress 9. Reporting On Progress Next…


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