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North Hertfordshire District Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… government to introduce more funding for retrofitting of insulation, heating and energy reduction features, for both privately-owned and social housing Work with the Herts Waste Partnership (HWP) to investigate how we could secure the use of anaerobic digestion to deal with food waste from 2024 Ensure recycling and waste collection arrangements promote reduction and reuse Encourage…

… residents to make behaviour changes by highlighting positive actions that can be taken, and informing them of more environmentally friendly options Encourage alternative models of working to reduce commuting levels across the district Promote zero carbon construction (timber buildings, offsetting of carbon, etc.) Run food waste awareness programmes Run waste reduction awareness…

… with electricity from renewable sources where appropriate Ensure no new buildings use gas-fired systems Explore use of heat pumps (ground source or air source) to provide heating as the technology develops Continue to identify ways to improve building energy management systems to reduce waste Improve building insulation and conduct lighting surveys to reduce energy outputs Increase…

… travel through use of Zoom and similar technologies as much as possible Reduce staff commuting through home working as much as practical Explore opportunities around low-emission refuse freighters Explore the creation of a 5-Year Plan to reduce emissions from the waste fleet Offsetting Quantify how much land we would need to plant trees on to offset 5% of the Council’s 2019/20 carbon…


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