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Including the closely related terms minimise waste, waste, and minimise waste.

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Glasgow City Council

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… and rising waste disposal costs. Allied to these concerns are also the enormous carbon emission impacts from transportation in shipping products and materials across the world by aeroplane and container tankers. A realignment of the economy on circular principles of sharing, reducing, reusing, remanufacturing, and repair also presents opportunities including: • Alleviating potential raw…

… from geothermal sources learning from Duke Street and Tennent’s Brewery projects. Delivery of heat and energy generation projects including distribution of heat from parks in Glasgow based on existing feasibility studies. All households in Glasgow are enabled to minimise waste arisings and to recycle. Implement the Fairer Scotland Duty in decisions and actions made in response to the Climate…

… with partners at the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Zero Waste Scotland, will continue to support innovative economic activity which focuses on the continuous circulation of products and materials within the local ecosystem (across Glasgow and Scotland). We aim to make our local economy restorative by intention and regenerative by design. In a circular Glasgow, waste will be eliminated…

waste, less carbon emissions, better air, water, and soil quality. This work will be supported by the Sustainable Glasgow Partnership through its Green Economy and Private Sector Hub, which brings together key stakeholders to develop and design solutions in this area. This hub and all its partners will be key stakeholders in the development of the Green New Deal for Glasgow…


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