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Including the closely related terms waste, and waste disposal.

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Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

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… Direct emissions (Scope 1) Indirect emissions (Scope 2) Total Tonnes of Carbon emitted Residential buildings 262,241 125,315 387,556 Commercial buildings 62,188 21,361 83,549 Institutional buildings 101,212 107,946 209,158 Industrial buildings 95,214 62,574 157,788 Agriculture 4,291 2 4,293 Rail 4,601 4601 Road 400,087 400,087 Waterways 12 12 Solid waste disposal 48,641 48,641…

…. Emissions arise from the borough’s commercial, residential, institutional and industrial buildings; from agriculture activities generating food; from transportation via rail, road; and through the use and treatment of water and wastes. 25 September 2020 4 3. Where we want to be in the borough: Zero 45…

… public transport. Resource Efficiency Natural capital is nature’s ability to renew and provide resources. These resources include water, land, minerals and timber and are not finite. Human activities are consuming these inefficiently, producing more waste leading to increasing carbon emissions. This means that there is a need to find new sustainable methods of production to address wasteful

… consumption and develop new uses for products previously considered ‘waste’. This programme will encourage resource efficiency across Barnsley with businesses and consumers. Actions will include working in partnership with Sheffield City Region to deliver a programme to support SMEs and evaluate opportunities for capturing waste heat and power, working with colleagues delivering the town’s food agenda…

… the use and treatment of water and wastes. Figure 3. Where we want to be in the borough: Zero 45 3. Where we want to be in the borough: Zero 45 Barnsley’s local carbon reduction goals are based on the borough meeting its ‘fair share’ of the UN’s global carbon target and allocation of carbon budgets. In order to meet the borough’s carbon budget, it’s proposed that most carbon savings are made…


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