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Including 5 closely related terms such as waste generation, waste, and waste generation.

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Newcastle-upon-Tyne City Council

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… uptake • Waste collection, processing, recycling and landfill volume data • Among other local data sources We recognise that this is an area which will require further develop- ment over the coming years to create Key Performance Indicators and a monitoring framework. In some cases, the local structures and datasets are in place (such as the Urban Observatory), but in some cases we will need…

… • Energy: reports total source of electricity mix breakdown and scale of data • Transport: provides information on total number of vehicles per mode of transport and other transport metrics • Food: food consumption information and sustainable food poli- cies • Waste: solid waste generation statistics • Water security: reports on anticipated timescale of risks to wa- ter supply and describes…

Waste Other 64% 29% 6% 1% Energy Transport Waste Other *Excludes fugitive emissions 1,075k tonnes of CO2(e)420k tonnes of CO2(e) 321k tonnes of CO2(e) 951k tonnes of CO2(e) 435k tonnes of CO2(e) 89k tonnes of CO2(e) 20k tonnes of CO2(e) Scope 3 emissions are often under-represented in nation- al datasets and may be significantly higher than shown. https…

… EMISSIONS INVENTORY 59%23% 18% Scope 1 - Direct emissions Scope 2 - Energy indirect emissions Scope 3 - Other indirect emissions Emissions inventory by scope of emissions* Emissions inventory by sector (Scope 1 and 2 emissions only)* The ‘Other’ category includes emissions from industrial process, livestock, land use and generation of grid supplied energy. 64% 29% 6% 1% Energy Transport


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