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London Borough of Croydon

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… 3. About Croydon 4. The challenge of long term climate change in Croydon 5. Governance 14 5.1. Where we are now: The Environment and Climate Change Partnership (ECCP) 14 5.1.1. The structure of the Environment and Climate Change Partnership: 15 5.2. Key long-term objectives 16 6. Behavioural Change 17 6.1. What are our aims? 18 6.2. Where we are now 19 6.3. Actions 20 7. Transport…

…% reduction by 2050. Where possible the national contributions to local CO2 reduction have been equated in order to calculate the required contribution that must come from local action if regional targets are to be met. The potential contribution from the decarbonisation of the national grid has been taken into account and we have used assumptions on the future energy mix in the UK based on government

… Strategy, 2010 • HM Government, The UK Low Carbon transition Plan: National Strategy for Climate and Energy, 2008 • The Mayor’s Transport Strategy, 2010 • Delivering London’s Energy Futures; the Mayor’s draft Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Strategy, 2010 • Department of Energy and Climate Change, The Annual Energy Statement, 2010 Croydon Climate Change Mitigation Action Plan 8…

… 2 Document structure This document frst sets the scene for why a detailed climate change action plan for Croydon is necessary, documenting the overall CO2 reduction target in the chapter 1, while identifying the key characteristics of Croydon in chapter 3 and an analysis of climate change projections in chapter 4. Chapter 5 reviews the ECCP, documenting its role in governing the strategic…

… it is generally considered that we have missed the chance to stabilise CO2 concentrations at 450 ppm. This will give us a much higher probability of there being a 2°C increase in global temperatures. It is considered that any greater increase would be dangerous (Stern, 2009). Croydon Climate Change Mitigation Action Plan 13 5 Governance 5.1. Where we are now…


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