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Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… to shape the multi-agency action plan. The costs of the actions are picked up under individual recommendations Ov1.5 Establish monitoring and reporting arrangements Nov-21 D&S 50 50 50 50 Revenue CPCA Board to consider monitoring issue after it has the recommendations from the Climate Commission's second report on future governance arrangements. A budget for 'commission' activity…

… is allocated. Ov2 Ov2.1 Revise procurement policy Oct-21 Governance Need to market test with SME suppliers Ov2.2 Revise project management guidance Oct-21 PMO Ov2.3 Revise Assurance Framework Oct-21 Governance Need to test with HMG Ov2.4 New funding agreement clauses Oct-21 Governance Ov2.5 New grant agreement clauses Oct-21 Governance Ov2.6 Revise Board report template Oct-21 Governance Ov2.7 Staff…

… climate impact assesment training Nov-21 D&S/HR 10 0 0 0 Revenue Assumes @£100 course accreditation Ov3 The CPCA's own operations should be net zero by 2030, underpinned by regional SBTi- type action plan Ov3.1 Revise policies as set out in Ov2 Oct-21 Governance Need to market test with SME suppliers Ov3.7 Accommodation Strategy ? HR Includes new ways of working policy Ov3.8 Set out SBTi…

…. This to include R&D investment with private sector, a cluster innovation programme, and engaging manufacturing SME’s in sustainability action planning and implementation. Sep-21 B&S Capital and revenue Potential multi-million £ programme using SPF funding from government with local business investment – subject to funding bid to be delivered across Peterborough and Fenland. Smart…

… Manufacturing Alliance (SMA) launched to promote adoption of digital and net zero technologies within manufacturing sector, particularly SME’s Ov9 The CPCA should actively broker, and where appropriate, invest in, the creation of demonstration projects for the decarbonisation of the built environment Ov9.1 Join the Cambridgeshire Energy Partnership to assist in the draw down of government


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