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Fife Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… translated into action for the sake of the future welfare of humanity. Commitments to cut emissions are meaningless without action. Mass protests around the world in the last year demonstrate the groundswell of desire for real action. This, alongside overwhelming scientific evidence and the increasingly extreme weather being witnessed globally, have prompted local and national governments

… to declare climate emergencies. The Scottish Government’s declaration of a climate emergency, followed by 4 emissions/ 5 Runaway…

… is decarbonising its society and economy so that our way of life does not jeopardise the stability of the climate or compromise the life chances of future generations or the living planet on which society depends. Becoming climate friendly will mean aligning Fife with the net zero carbon future set out in the Scottish Government’s targets for decarbonisation; which are world-leading in their ambition6…

… energy efficient technologies. 13 Whilst not glamorous or innovative like many low carbon technologies, or futuristic like a hybrid vehicle, energy efficiency is likely to be the single most important workstream in helping Fife to tackle climate change. The Scottish Government has designated energy efficiency as a National Infrastructure Priority, the cornerstone of which is Energy…

… made considerable progress in decarbonising its electricity supply and is aiming that by 2020 11% of Scotland’s heat demand and 100% of Scotland’s electricity demand equivalent will be produced from low carbon sources. The Scottish Government is aiming to decarbonise 100% of Scotland’s heat demand by 2050 under current targets, and for a 14% share of transport fuels to be renewable by 2030 under…


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