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Cambridgeshire County Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Local Authority Partners to develop local growth plans that include policies to reduce carbon emissions in line with agreed government and local targets, incorporate adaptive measures to the changing climate and deliver positive environmental and biodiversity net gain for green spaces. biodiversity metric established and being used by 2023 √ √ √ Work with National

… change and environment and use these findings to inform the Council's policy making or lobbying of government and other agencies √ √ √ Work with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough service providers on 'Think Communities' to support training and development of our communities on Climate Change and its impacts to build community resilience √ √ √ Make use of potential waste streams e.g. highways verge…

government, District Councils and developers to push towards 100% of new housing developments delivering climate change mitigation technologies, adaptation design and biodiversity net gain √ √ √ Collaborate with the Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough Combined Authority on its non-statutory spatial plan to ensure energy, water and electrified transport infrastructure facilitates carbon…

… as green walls in appropriate County locations. √ – √ Reducing air pollution at source by lobbying government for improved initiatives and for grants to help us pilot imaginative projects √ – √ The council will work in partnership to achieve shift to public and active transport to reduce air pollution, through measures to promote walking, cycling and public transport use, utilising new approaches…

… and technologies coming forward through new government plans and strategies. √ √ Collaborate with the Cambridge and Peterborough Combined Authority on the carbon footprint of transport policy measures to reduce carbon emissions, improve climate change adaptation requirements for transport infrastructure, reduce air and other pollutants by 2050. √ √ √ Reducing air pollution through more walking and cycling…


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