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Warwick District Council

Direct link to pre-plan (PDF)

… and individuals through the establishment of a Citizens Assembly  Acknowledge the role that the younger generation can play in raising awareness and stimulating action around climate change through cooperation with educational institutions, youth groups and the Youth Parliament Item 6 / Page 46 WDC Climate Emergency Action Programme ~ MAIN REPORT ~ 31.1.2020 11 Lobby Government

… The Council should also work alongside other councils and organisations to lobby government for more resource and powers to enable delivery of climate action programmes, and include the following messages:  Government should set the highest priority to addressing Climate Change and fund accordingly  Climate change impact should be at the heart of government policy, regulation and investment…

…  Government should set high standards for upgrade of existing homes and the building of new homes, with special focus upon social housing  Increase financial incentives that encourage people to adopt renewable technologies – especially for low income households  Statutory reporting of carbon emissions within the public sector should be re-introduced  Support energy efficiency, renewable energy…

… will be governed by budgetary considerations as well as delivery resources within the Council. A Warwick District Climate Emergency Action Roadmap Context This interim Roadmap for the district wide climate emergency action plan is intended to meet the reporting requirement needed for the end of January 2020 that will, in turn, support the 2020-21 budgeting cycle. This Roadmap indicate…

… or local government department and requires a different style of thinking and governing to address the problems involved. The dissemination of the actions that can be taken has to be communicated to those who can make the most difference. A capacity to work across organizational boundaries, to think holistically and to involve the public is important as is an understanding of both what is valued…


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