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Shropshire Council - Unitary

Direct link to pre-plan (PDF)

… municipal waste has improved by removing waste from landfill and enhanced recycling processes, kerbside collections and the generation of energy from waste (Veolia UK, 2018a) 2009 to 2016: 23,919 tonnes CO2e * Landfill Emission Assumptions * Green House Gas (GHG) emissions defined CO2e (UK DBEIS - Department of Energy and Industrial Strategy) regional data sets (UK Government

…, 2017) and targets. Landfill waste GHG emissions = 588.9 kg CO2e per tonne. (UK Government GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting, 2017). Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) Battlefield, Shrewsbury Table 6 Emissions Savings: Municipal Waste Shropshire Figure 2 Veolia Energy Recovery Facility: Shrewsbury. Table 7 Veolia Achievements (2018) Measurable Annual…

… than currently possible. Salix Finance Ltd provides interest-free Government funding to the public sector to improve their energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and lower energy bills. Table 4 Summary Table of Street Light Savings Since 2012 Period Technology Capital (SALIX) Energy Saving (kWh p.a.) Saving (£ p.a.) GHG Saving (t.CO2e p.a.) 2019-2021 16,000 LED…

… + Dimming, CMS £8.5m 5,675,552 £1.2m 2,911t Renewable Energy (County Performance) • Shropshire corporate sites moved entirely to ‘Pure Green’ electricity from 1st September 2019; this will greatly reduce our buildings carbon footprint. • Energy In 2019, Government data shows that Shropshire was ranked 5th nationally for installed renewable energy capacity; • Shropshire is home…


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