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London Borough of Camden

Direct link to citizens' assembly (PDF)

… as possible. Target: All available blocks.  ACTIONS  ● Need to consider planning permission to allow as many people to install as possible  ● Funding  ○ central government  ○ Residents  ○ grants / loans  ○ council / climate  ● Camden to install on council blocks, schools, public building. → funding for  community projects from any export payback.  ● Potential loan system when residents pay council back…

… manufacturers involved to publicise RESOURCES  ● Funding from organisations - e.g government funding  ● Funding is key to make it happen – repays itself in about 10 years  IMPACTS  ● Digging up the street would impact local residents but we hope they would see it as  paying off  ● Residents costs are similar to a gas boiler. Financial impact would depend on how  returns shared – costs could be 25% lower…

… → will have to educate themselves  ● Provide: access to research and reports  ● Support: ability to reject/appeal decisions from panel 35      TIMESCALES  ● This could happen quite quickly  ● Governance + facilities would need to be developed first. 1 year.  13. Make all council properties fossil fuel free  WHICH IDEA IS BEING DEVELOPED?  ● All heating and energy supply to properties for which…


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