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New Forest District Council

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… g Jubilee Tree Planting. Engage with local communities where possible and practical Grounds and Street scene Number of Trees planted in Support of Queens Jubilee 30 Locations for 60 trees and one site for woodland pasture creation Nature, Health and wellbeing 2022 C, A, N, I E Delivery of 'Tree Strategy' Grounds and Street scene Recording number of Replacement trees

planted annually to meet 2:1 commitment Achieve 2:1 ratio Nature and Health Jan-22 C, A, N E T re e p la n ti n g Require new development to plant trees Development Management Through the assessment/sign off of a planning approval and the imposition of a planning condition Planting carried out in accordance with the approved scheme and maintained until the trees become…

… offsets are local e.g. tree planting projects Commenced via work on SPD C, A E Working at strategic level in the Avon Valley to identify mechanisms to reduce or offset nutrient phosphate impacting - in conjunction with reducing flows due in part to Climate Change - on water bodies in designated SPA Planning Nutrient budget based on development trajectory. Mitigation project…

… in temperatures by making use of shading opportunities, tree planting, window positions. Development Management Assessing details through the planning application process and ensuring that development is carried out in accordance with the approved plans Facilitating the delivery of homes and other development that is less susceptible to the impacts of climate change Environmental, economic…

… policy. Council adoption Health Summer 2022 C, N E Increase charges for larger engine vessels and those on wall moorings to encourage smaller engines and sail craft Environmental Enforcement and Amenities Numbers of smaller engine vessels in use Reduction in larger engines vessels Health, nature Jan-20 C E R en ew a b le f u el Review vehicle and plant


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