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Orkney Islands Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… Accelerate pace of clean growth Industrial Strategy 2018 UK shift to clean growth Clean Air strategy 2019 Targeted air quality reduction targets 25 Year Environmental Plan 2019 Protect air and water quality and threatened plants, trees and wildlife species Climate Change Act 2008 Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050 Road to Zero 2017 End sale of conventional petrol and diesel…

…, or capture and decarbonise outputs from potential waste plant solutions. As such as we transition to a low carbon future it may be necessary to consider a small percentage of brown/blue hydrogen as we make the transition to fully green hydrogen. Cases as such would need to be weighed up carefully and considered only as a clear transitionary step towards green hydrogen production. Focusing on green…

… or buses (Marigreen, 2018). H2-ICE can be designed and applied to new vehicles or it can be applied retrospectively to convert plant or other vehicles near the start of their operating life. Carbon and other particulate emissions will depend on the percentage of hydrogen used but are unlikely to be net zero unless hydrogen is implemented at 100% intervention rate. As well as H2-ICE hydrogen can…

… sports centre. There is an opportunity for Orkney to demonstrate the potential of hydrogen fuel cells to balance the local electricity grid. 24 Other captive fleets (SME’s and large enterprises). Passenger Vehicles. Agricultural Vehicles. Medium and Heavy Plant. How can we deliver this? In order to streamline the actions necessary to develop a specialist centre that is responsible…


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