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North of Tyne Combined Authority

Direct link to citizens' assembly (PDF)

… the small group questions were grouped into themes by a facilitator ahead of a large group question-and-answer session. Assembly members were divided into new randomly selected groups for the next activity, a chance for them to ‘dig deeper’ into the issue through the use of a problem tree. Small group facilitators shared their screen showing the trunk and roots of a tree. Then members were…

… then asked to consider the problem ‘climate change has become an emergency’, written on the trunk of the tree. The members were invited to consider what might be the root causes of the problem. Facilitators wrote these on post-it notes placed onto the roots then repeatedly probed through the question ‘why is that?’ in an attempt to unpack some of the root causes, which were also recorded…

…. The problem tree analysis attempts to unpack the complexity of the issue, helping citizens to identify key issues, arguments, and stakeholders. This process of analysis helps build a shared sense of understanding and enables participants to move into a deeper systemic analysis of the challenge. The North of Tyne Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change 2021…


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