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North East Derbyshire District Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

…. • Investigate plant, tree and hedge planting initiatives for longer term biodiversity benefits. • Identify opportunities to work with partners on schemes to increase biodiversity. Challenges: The cost implications of major tree and hedge planting schemes may be prohibitive and initiatives such as leaving grass cuttings in situ may not be seen as attractive to everyone, therefore explanations may…

… gas (GHG) emissions associated with an individual, organisation or activity. An increase in climate change gas emissions, and therefore our carbon footprint, is the primary cause associated with climate change and its negative impacts. Rising temperatures are changing the growing patterns of plants and crops, and sea levels are rising as a result of melting polar ice caps leading…

… change and support local economic growth. By taking a holistic approach to managing these spaces, such as our mowing strategy to leave grass clippings in situ, they can become a haven for wildlife as well as a valuable community asset. Priorities: • Develop a wild planting policy for parks and public open space areas where appropriate. • Review our open space maintenance programme…

…/publications/ the-carbon-plan-reducing-greenhouse-gas- emissions--2 A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment 2018 This document details the Government’s comprehensive and long-term approach to protecting and enhancing the natural environment in England. Its goals are cleaner air and water, plants and animals which are…


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