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Orkney Islands Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… (Zuttel, 2010). Logistics Road infrastructure can be a challenge in rural areas creating limitations in the type of vehicles for haulage. Transporting hydrogen by sea requires dangerous goods exemption which limits the availability of transport routes adding complexity and costs. Subsidy At present hydrogen produced for road transport is eligible for subsidy through the Renewable Transport

… energy, grid management, and the production of hydrogen from excess capacity. EU FUNDING €6.46 m TOTAL BUDGET €11.79 m 11 ReFLEX Orkney – Responsive flexibility 2019-2023 Demonstration of a first- of-its-kind VES interlinking local electricity, transport, and heat networks into one controllable, overarching system TOTAL BUDGET £28.5m Table 1. Ongoing hydrogen projects in Orkney…

…. Capital costs for H2-ICE tend to be lower than that of Fuel cell equivalents but running costs tend to be higher due to the larger number of moving parts (H2FC Supergen, 2017b). In terms of market opportunity in Orkney marine transport is the largest user of energy, with road transport next. It is worth noting that carbon intensities of the ferry routes to mainland Scotland significantly impact…

… Hydrogen Vans Shapinsay Ferry Hydrogen Transport Trailers Endorsements Graham Sinclair North Isles Councillor, Chair of Development and Infrastructure Committee – Orkney Islands Council “Through the development of a hydrogen economy Orkney is continuing its tradition of innovation. The hydrogen projects already underway put Orkney in a world leading position with organisations from across…

…, such as heat, power and transport, across a number of sectors (see Table 1 below). The challenge for hydrogen lies in the absence of ‘off the shelf solutions’ to put bespoke local energy systems in practice. This creates a challenge in developing the policy environment required for integration of hydrogen into any energy system. With continued concerted effort from the variety of community members…


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