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East Staffordshire Borough Council

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…- Total CO2 emissions in East Staffordshire (2017) Area Sector Name CO2 (kt) Industry Industry & Commercial Electricity 122 Industry & Commercial Gas 99 Large Industrial Installations 5 Industrial & Commercial Other Fuels 65 Agricultural Combustion 18 Domestic Domestic Electricity 49 Domestic Gas 110 Domestic Other Fuels 23 Transport Road Transport (A roads) 170 Road

Transport (Motorways) 0 Road Transport (Minor roads) 68 Diesel Railways 6 4 Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Page 8 of 16 Transport Other 10 LULUCF Net Emissions -10 Total for all sectors 734 6.2.5. The data is broken down to the three areas of Transport, Domestic and Industry. East Staffordshire’s Industry…

…- East Staffordshire N. LULUCF Net Emissions Transport Total Domestic Total Industry and Commercial Total Grand Total Page 9 of 16 Figure 3- Local Authority CO2 emissions estimates 2005-2017 (kt CO2) BEIS 2019 6.2.8. Figure 4 below provides an overview of renewable energy installations in Staffordshire. Specifically, there are 17 existing Low and Zero Carbon (LZC) installations…

…, resilient and protect people that are vulnerable to climate impacts 6.5. Climate emergency declaration options 6.5.1. Working towards being carbon neutral brings key benefits:  reducing the Council’s contribution to climate change;  reducing the Council’s energy and transport fuel bills to help manage budget deficits and protect against rising energy prices;  developing future income…

… of climate change in East Staffordshire is average, with the majority of carbon emissions linked to industrial processes within the area. Whilst emissions have reduced by 38% since 2005, the levels of industry and transport related emissions still exceed the national average. 2.4. East Staffordshire Borough Council is in a key position to take action on climate change, in the way it manages its own…


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