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Monmouthshire County Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… in such firms decline from 9.10% to 6.95% since 2018;  Develop an investment programme to help our services transition to a low carbon future  Transition the council’s transport fleet to hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicles as these become available  Pilot the use of locally designed and built hydrogen powered cars;  Trial digital solutions for next generation transport schemes that make…

… Feasibility Encourage modal shift through the South Wales Metro High High Harder Continue to make the case to national governments for improved train frequencies and station provision Low Medium Medium Develop a ‘Rural Uber’ scheme linked to train stations Medium High Medium What can I do to play my part? Find out about public transport options that could work for you. https…

… is less than 7% of the total 6 CO2 produced5. If decarbonisation were to continue at this rate we would not be carbon neutral until after 2050, too late to prevent catastrophic climate change. We need to do more. Carbon emissions in the county come from a range of sources including industry, agriculture, road transport and domestic homes. The biggest single contributor is transport

… and in particular road transport. This is shown in the chart below6: (Source: UK local authority dioxide emissions, National Statistics) Monmouthshire County Council will strive to reduce its own emissions while working with partners, including members of the Public Service Board, local businesses and community groups to reduce emissions and improve carbon capture across the county…

… Reduce carbon by thinking carefully about when and what we buy and the whole life costs Waste Active Travel Reduce waste by encouraging people to reduce, re-use and recycle more Encourage and make it easier for people to walk and cycle rather than drive Greener Transport Public Transport Reduce the impact of vehicles and encourage the use of electric and hydrogen vehicles…


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