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Cheltenham Borough Council

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… attractive than using a private vehicle, which gives the opportunity for entrepreneurial innovation, with leadership from the private sector. Cheltenham can draw on its hydrogen experience here. Simultaneously, the Council will put in place policies that enable the movement to zero carbon public transport, working with National Rail, the Highways Agency, Gloucestershire County Council and other…

… interested parties. Particular focus will need to be paid to vehicle owners with long replacement cycles, such as bus operators. The Climate Action Fund could be a useful tool here, along with other incentives following Oxford City Council’s model. Incentives to move public transport to zero carbon modes will need to be effective, so that all modes are zero carbon by 2025 as required. 16…

…, but there is a need to go further and faster. Historical emissions for Cheltenham Borough (1000s t CO2e)11 This trend provides an excellent position from which to push for future reductions. This is supported by public opinion in the Borough, which has been consistent in vocalising a desire for Cheltenham to invest more in climate-friendly initiatives like green spaces, renewable energy and public

transport.12 11 Data from BEIS 12 For example, The Community Plan and Local Development Framework consultation in 2006 and the Budget Consultation 2015/16 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 20 05 20 06 20 07 20 08 20 09 20 10 20 11 20 12 20 13 20 14 20 15 20 16 20 17 Scope 1 Scope 2 24 24 Roadmap The following outline roadmap is proposed to achieve zero…


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