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Falkirk Council

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… difference to the greenhouse gases that are released. Water related emissions will also be included for the first time – both supply and disposal. Staff travel data is limited at present to mileage claims, however, it is hoped that this can be extended over the lifetime of the plan to include public transport and flights. Please note that extending the scope of the plan, means that the carbon…

…). 4.3 BUSINESS MILEAGE The steady decrease in staff travel mileage reflects a combination of increased fuel prices, sustainable travel initiatives, changes in staff numbers and to the mileage claim allowance rate. 4.4 STREET LIGHTING Continued population growth in the Council area has resulted in a gradual increase in housing and street lighting. The steady increase in emissions from…

… with low CO2 emissions (C)  Rationalise and lower overall fleet size (M)  Promote telematics to ensure maximum fleet utilisation (M & B)  Promote safe, economic & environmentally-friendly driver training (B) 5.3 STAFF TRAVEL  Greater use of low carbon pool vehicles (B)  Public transport promotion (B)  Strengthen the electric vehicle charging network throughout the area…

… footprint for 2013/14 onwards will be significantly higher than emissions reported publicly in previous years. The new plan’s scope can be outlined as follows: Buildings Electricity, gas, oil, renewable energy generation and water consumption in Council operational buildings. Transport Council fleet travel, staff travel in Council owned vehicles, in their own vehicles and by public

transport (under development) Street lighting Electricity use on Council owned lanterns, signage, beacons. Waste Landfilled, recycled/reused, incinerated and hazardous all waste collected by Falkirk Council Water Consumption & disposal from Falkirk Council operational buildings Housing Energy/CO2 reductions arising from work to improve building quality and reduce fuel poverty…


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