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Bristol City Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… action is needed to achieve the vision for Bristol in 2030. Across each of these, we need action at every level. These are: 1. Transport: switching to significantly more walking, cycling and zero carbon public transport modes; converting the remaining vehicles to zero carbon fuels; transforming freight, aviation and shipping 2. Buildings: retrofitting and building them to become carbon…

… taking action as individuals and communities, and they support changes to the city which would help them to reduce carbon emissions, such as better public transport. However, this strategy demonstrates the scale, pace and breadth of change needed. To enable this change, we need all our citizens and communities to create, shape and be part of the city transformation. Citizens should…

…-term financial resources. We need to build carbon neutral energy, transport and waste systems and to make the city resilient to the impacts of climate change. It has been estimated that carbon neutral heating systems for the city will require £3 billion over the decade and substantial investment will be needed in sustainable transport. Some of this investment is already being made but we…

…. What We need investment to deliver action. It is crucial that we think about more innovative and collaborative ways to finance climate action. This will be made possible through: - Government, at all levels, redirecting and increasing long- term investment to support initiatives such as sustainable transport. Ensuring that decision- making processes and the length of budgetary cycles…


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