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London Borough of Newham

Direct link to citizens' assembly (PDF)

… where there is high congestion on small roads. Two other assembly member recommendations were liked equally: • Public transport should be cheaper to encourage people to leave their cars at home. • Incentives for using electric cars eg cheaper parking etc. One of the expert recommendations was also liked equally with those listed above: Working with TfL, target the areas of the borough…

… of locally owned ideas. The group recognised that park and ride may be expensive to set up and difficult to deliver and that investing in alternatives like better public transport may get a better outcome. However that depended on TfL relationships which were outside the control of this group in making recommendations. Recommendation 2 Introduce free parking across…

… the implementation of car free days - this got a lot of initial support, but when the group started to think about it in more depth they felt that the problem would be pushed to a different area or neighbouring borough. The big message in those debates was to work with TfL to improve the quality and experience of using public transport to make it an attractive alternative to car use. 35 Theme 4 Food…


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