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Devon County Council

Direct link to citizens' assembly (PDF)

… to making sure that you can still travel cheaply around Devon, in a similar time to now, via active travel/public transport. Agreed by 88% of members. 8 Roads and Mobility Condition 3.2 That there is the provision of more modern and effective park and ride facilities. Agreed by 83% of members. Roads and Mobility Condition 3.3 That proper cycling infrastructure is created across…

… the county. Agreed by 80% of members. Roads and Mobility Condition 3.4 That there is differentiation in public transport fares depending on user categories (e.g. discounted fares for residents and/or means tested travel passes). Agreed by 68% of members. Roads and Mobility Condition 3.5 That Devon investigates introducing a Tourist Levy: where the tax on tourists visiting is allocated…

… charges would increase with the condition... Roads and Mobility Condition 5.1 That parking charges are ringfenced and reinvested in the public transport network to reduce the public's resistance to paying parking fees. Agreed by 75% of members. Roads and Mobility Condition 5.2 That there are differentiated parking charges based on: a) type of vehicles (electric / polluting); and b…

… and Mobility Condition 6.1 That money gained from workplace parking levies is spent on supporting public transport routes, or viable alternatives for employees, including employers providing shuttle busses for workers or paying for bike hubs and shower facilities at workplaces. Agreed by 75% of members. Roads and Mobility Condition 6.2 That it only applies to businesses with a certain level…


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