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Wokingham Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… and on many of the below actions, both positively and negatively. The council recognises the importance of maximising the benefits from aspects of the pandemic such as home working and better technology, while addressing concerns over public transport, to utilise this as an opportunity for positive changes. Inflation in the past six years has meant the council has worked to reduce costs to be more…

… of the target estimation, though public transport and travel reductions are currently behind, meaning more actions or expansion of the current ones in these sections will be required for future iterations of the plan, to meet this overall goal. Indeed, negative covid influences still remain around public transport, meaning the impact here is very limited. More focus is also recognised to be required…

… opportunities to work with the Government and private sector on pilot projects, crowdfunding, grants and loans or joint projects. Wokingham Borough Council - Climate Emergency Action Plan - Working Document Page | 9 Section Savings Transport 1 50% Reduction in ICE private car mileage 1.1 33% From EVs Registered 44,957 1.2 5% From Reduced travel 6,812 1.3 2% From Public

Transport 2,725 1.4 10% From Active Transport 13,623 2 22% Reduction in Road Freight 2.1 Freight Management Policy 23,241 2.2 Cargo Bikes Included Subtotal 91,358 Renewable Energy Generation 3.1 Renewable energy generation via Solar farms 14,058 3.2 Renewable energy generation by households 27,333 Subtotal 41,391 Retrofitting 4.1 PassiveHaus Scheme 935 4.2 Council Housing…


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