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Borough of Broxbourne

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… 1 BROXBOURNE BOROUGH COUNCIL SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY AND ACTION PLAN 2021 – 2025 Action Tracker – September 2021 2 A SUSTAINABLE COUNCIL This priority concerns reduction of the Council’s own carbon footprint, and setting an example for others in the Borough. The objectives are: 1. Reduce…

… £50k Environmental Sustainability budget. tenders from contractors estimated £24k for low carbon technology. 1.3 Develop a programme of energy efficiency measures, which takes account of the recommendations from the audit and decisions about the long-term future of Council buildings. Facilities Manager Begin implementation in 2020/21. Application submitted to Public Sector…

…/21 was £4k. 3.2 Purchase locally produced goods where possible and in compliance with financial regulations to secure value for money. Include a scoring criteria for locality/distance/ environmental sustainability within the evaluation model for procurement of goods and services. Economic Development Manager Head of Finance Procurement Officer a) Local providers…

sustainability within the evaluation model for procurement of goods and services. Waste & Street Scene Manager ensure sustainability is taken into account, including whole life and disposal costs for goods, and sustainability practices of tenderers to provide services. b) Evidence of sustainability taken into account in purchasing. c) Seek locally sourced market offerings…

… for water efficiency. Head of Planning Evidence that biodiversity net gain is considered in determination of all planning applications and in Council’s own plans for new footpaths and cycle paths. Policy NEB1 states “Development proposals should result in net gains to biodiversity wherever possible.” Evidence of work with developers to include environmental sustainability


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