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Stroud District Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… vi ce s NE5 Planning Standards Link to BE6, E6 Promote Building with Nature Standards in the planning of new developments; Introduce Sustainable Development Checklist as a Supplementary Planning Document to ensure all development proposals have sought to adapt, mitigate and respond to climate change We will implement biodiversity net gain and tree planting policies for new…

… contained in commissioned reports and studies, aligned to the District Council’s Environmental Strategy and Local Plan Review. 4 district and county-wide survey results and the work of professional and academic networks. 4 lessons learned from partnership delivery of recent projects and long-running services, including the sustainable energy focused domestic and business support programmes. 4…

… their potential. Newer builds are carbon positive exporting power to the grid or local area. Families and businesses are benefitting from efficient, healthy buildings that are cost effective to operate. …A 2030 VISION for BUILT ENVIRONMENT Built environment | 2030 Stretch Goals SG 1 To have sustainable construction principles and a net-zero requirement shaping new developments in the district SG 2…

… in which we secure those funds. Investment to sustainable energy projects BE6 New development Linked to NE5 Continue ‘ask’ to national government for Building Regulations of the highest environmental standards Explore and apply interim planning policies and guidance, to addresses the 2030 ambitions. Require all new development to achieve a net zero carbon standard in terms of regulated…


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