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Including the closely related terms sustainability, and environmental sustainability.

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Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… with biodiversity value - can make an important contribution to capturing the carbon that is in our atmosphere, as well as making Gateshead a better place for wildlife. Good access to the natural environment can also have positive benefits for people’s health and wellbeing.   We intend to: *  • Use the Council’s planning powers to encourage future developments to be environmentally sustainable and enhance…

… the distance travelled by Council vehicles when providing services. Strive to make all council investments compatible with the Council’s de-carbonisation and ethical principles. Ensure that projects which require council approval consider their environmental impact. Include consideration of environmental sustainability in review of Council assets. Use the technologies showcased in the Gateshead…

…   Action Improve insulation to Council-owned properties, and install low-carbon heat and energy where feasible. Support the delivery of a Local Nature Recovery Strategy, to be confirmed by DEFRA in 2021. Protect and enhance existing woodland, and increase woodland coverage to 17% (250ha) by 2050. Develop the Council’s planning powers to encourage future developments to be environmentally sustainable

… as we recover from the effects of Covid-19.     We intend to: *  • Work with local businesses to help them to reduce their carbon and environmental footprint and take new opportunities in the ‘green economy’  • Develop the Council’s planning policies to support sustainable construction, enhancement of the natural environment and sustainable transport  • Seek government funding to support…

… it. Reduce the number of journeys made by staff by car, particularly those with a single occupant. Relevant transport policies will support a Council-wide commitment to sustainable transport. Encourage the expansion of charging facilities for electric vehicles. Increase the use of electric or other low-carbon vehicles within the Council’s fleet. Use digital route planning software to minimise…


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