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Liverpool City Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… benefits. A 2030 Net Zero Liverpool is a thriving, fair and sustainable city. Climate action will have stimulated the local green economy and placed Liverpool at the forefront of new industries which will form the backbone of our future economy. The city will have also stopped all contributions to climate change and have demonstrated leadership to other cities in the UK and globally. The city…

…. Collaborating for Success The NZC30 Plan has been developed by Eunomia Research and Consulting Ltd and the Centre for Sustainable Energy for Liverpool City Council as the lead organisation, but the Council only has direct control over a very small amount of the city’s emissions. To be successful this plan needs to be the foundation of city-wide action and as such it has been designed as the foundation…

… out the development of other technologies as net zero is an ambition that needs to be sustained. How the Plan is sustained in future may differ from how the city first moves to net zero. DEMAND REDUCTION Wherever possible, reduction of demand has been prioritised. Once this has been achieved, action to move to cleaner technologies is considered. This helps keep the resources needed to make…

… base and supply chain required to effectively and sustainably lower heat demand in older housing; X Ensure every property that still requires loft and/ or cavity wall insulation has it installed: Ensure all ‘easy wins’ in reducing heat demand are exploited through ECO and other sources of funding where needed; X Identify funding for and establish a local training programme for gas engineers…


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