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Burnley Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… the preparation of an entirely new local plan for Burnley. 3.23 The government has taken a “pause” recently “to evaluate proposals in the light of the consultation … to make sure the planning proposals we have fit with our core mission to level up the country and regenerate communities”. It has indicated that its final response to the planning white paper and related legislation will probably come…

… thermal efficiency, such as insulating roofs and walls, introducing thermally efficient doors and windows, designing to maximize natural lighting and passive heating or cooling systems; all reduce energy consumption. As energy supply currently relies heavily on fossil fuels, higher energy efficiency levels in buildings and alternative sources of green energy will significantly reduce…

… of property renovation and improvement. 5.26 The use of energy efficient appliances, whether fitted to new buildings or purchased for existing properties similarly reduces the use of energy generated through the burning of fossil fuels. These appliances include boilers and lighting systems. 5.27 Nationally set Building Regulations include energy efficiency standards for all new buildings…

… and existing buildings when certain alterations are undertaken. Regulation in the private rented sector also determines minimum standards for the energy efficiency of properties that are rented out for residential occupation. The Council has a role to ensure that regulations are adhered to. Progress 5.28 In recent years, insulation in Council buildings has been upgraded, energy efficient lighting


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