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Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council

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… construction can disrupt bat commuting habitat by creating open areas that bats are more reluctant to cross. In addition, the traffic introduces high speed movement, increased noise levels, increased light levels (vehicle headlamps and streetlights) and increased risk of injury or death (collision). o reduction of food resources – habitat loss, pesticide use and intensive farming practices all impact…

… o Habitat loss, both along rivers and between catchments o Lighting The most recent SEWBReC data search (2019) for the County Borough includes 138 records for European otter between 1960 and 2019. 16 | P a g e…

… insect numbers, which has a knock-on effect on bat species. Climate change can also alter the timing of insect life cycles, which can therefore impact when food is available for bats. o lighting – bats are nocturnal and artificial light can affect bats in the following ways:  roosts  delaying or preventing emergence  abandonment  entombment  foraging  insects are attracted to lit…

… areas from outside of the lit area, producing a ‘vacuum effect’ – this has a knock-on effect on more light intolerant species with reduced numbers of insects in darker areas.  commuting and foraging  light can produce a barrier effect, which can impact upon foraging areas and commuting routes. o wind farms and turbines – impacts can be direct (collision and barotrauma) and indirect…


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