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West Oxfordshire District Council

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… in Item No. 9, Page 3 of 19 light of the Climate Emergency accepted by Parliament recently; commits to work towards the reduction of emissions for the benefit of both present and future generations thus fulfilling our Stewardship responsibility for the planet - handing it to subsequent generations in a better state than which it was left to us! To enable the Council to fulfil…

… vehicles. 2 Electricity generation Electricity consumption from corporate buildings, public conveniences, car lighting, P&D machines and Leisure facilities. 3 WTT Gaseous fuel Emissions associated with extraction, refining and transportation of the raw gaseous fuel from source to Council owned assets. WTT Liquid fuel – fleet Emissions associated with extraction, refining…

…-owned buildings include costed, energy-efficiency measures. Measures to reduce electricity demand include, for example, installing LED Item No. 9, Page 11 of 19 lighting; installing building management systems to control heat and power demand. Supply the remaining demand for electricity through the procurement of renewable energy, either directly and/or indirectly via…


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