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Reading Borough Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… of consumption. But at the same time there are new waste streams being created by disposable masks and plastic gloves, as well as the manufacturing impacts of producing items that were not necessary previously. This new reality has to be taken into account alongside the extensive feedback received through public consultation. So, as Reading re-thinks its future in the light of COVID-19, we also need…

… emissions by 2050 Wales: -95% by 2050 8 2.3 The local context: Reading’s carbon footprint Reading produces over 500 kilo-tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually (2018 figures). As the pie chart shows, around 36% of this ‘carbon footprint’ arises from industrial and commercial activity, 40% from domestic sources (heating, lighting and appliances) and 21% from transport. Reading’s per…

… conceivable action possible with existing technology, putting aside cost and other barriers for the purposes of the assessment, to calculate: • The potential to reduce energy demand with ‘deep retrofit’ of the borough’s housing stock and commercial buildings, plus deployment of LED lighting and AAA+ appliances • The potential for renewable energy generation using existing or foreseeable technologies…


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