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Wolverhampton City Council

Direct link to citizens' assembly (PDF)

… be easy to implement (as the technology exists) and have a relatively immediate impact • There were concerns about the initial cost of the technology and how this would be funded • There were also some specific concerns over the green technology itself e.g. streetlights only turning on when sensors were triggered, lights needing to be brighter for public service buildings such as hospitals…

… management systems was seen as forward-thinking and spoke to residents’ dislike of avoidable energy use (e.g. leaving lights on) • Residents were keen for use of such technology to be monitored in a rigorous and effective way, to avoid it becoming overly automated • Some were a little concerned by the variability of cost and impact on emissions, and wanted to ensure these were considered fully…

… from other countries using advanced green technology already (e.g. in Scandinavia and Japan); and conducting research in locations where the technology is already being used to see how effective it is “It sounds good, though you wouldn’t want someone to be stuck somewhere without light or heat, and no one knows how to deal with it.” Sensitivity: NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED 51BritainThinks…

… and centralised heating systems leaving employees in buildings too hot or cold Help install green technology Sensitivity: NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED 63BritainThinks | Private and Confidential The idea of an eco-rating was welcomed, though residents had questions about how to make it work effectively Suggestions for developing the policy: • Using a simple traffic light system • The eco-rating should…


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