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Derbyshire Dales District Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… to reduce and offset the remaining emissions over the next decade. Net zero can be achieved by investing in the following projects: • Energy efficiency projects at key sites, including further roll-out of LED lighting, and improved heating • Replace Matlock Town Hall boiler with biomass equivalent • Consider electrifying heating at Bakewell Pavilion and Northwood Depot, and potentially also…

… such as insulation, more efficient lighting and controls, and more efficient boilers. ClearLead conducted a high-level energy assessment of key buildings within DDDC’s estate. We identified measures which we estimate could reduce the Council’s overall current electricity use by around 15% by 2023, and its gas use by around 5% by 2021. These estimates are based on ClearLead’s observations made during…

… Business Centre Replace any residual lighting with LED. Consider replacing gas-fired radiant/convective heating with air source heat pump if possible. Potential for PV on roof (~2,300m2 SW-facing) All occupied sites There is typically scope for increasing energy efficiency via optimised controls and housekeeping in conjunction with occupant behaviour change. Any residual non-LED lighting

… should be replaced with LED lighting and occupancy controls fitted where appropriate. Ashbourne Depot Convert any residual non-LED lighting to LED Cricket Pavilion New gas-fired boiler: consider electric (air source heat pump) alternative. Install LED lighting with occupancy detection controls 17 | P a g e Darley Dale Depot Replace any residual non-LED lighting with LEDs…

… of 2020. WCs Replace any residual fluorescent lighting with LED & occupancy detection controls Table 4: Building-related energy efficiency opportunities (summary) Indicative energy savings from these measures have been used to model carbon reductions from energy-efficiency measures, which are set out in Section 0. In addition, there are hypothetical newbuild and major refurbishment…


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