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Bristol City Council

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…/yr on the basis that a large allowance, of around 45kWh/m2/yr has been provided for appliances, small power, lighting, pumps and fans. The solar PV on site has been maximized, similarly to Part L 2025 + PV scenario. Policy Option A (current) A scenario with a very similar fabric & mechanical specification to that of UKGBC, with a more realistic allowance for unregulated energy…

… Block – DPD requirement for total energy use UKGBC extra allowance Equipment & appliances 140 Lighting Fans & pumps Hot water 120 Space heating 100 80 60 40 20 0 Part L 2013 (reference Part L 2021 (Basel ine) Part L 2025 (Future Part L 2025 + PV only) Homes) Total energy use calculated by PHPP 9.6a for each scenario. To ta l E ne rg y U se (k W h/ m…


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