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East Lindsey District Council

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… Rooftop Solar PV carbon reduction opportunities (9) Section 3: Carbon reduction opportunities ~19% of ELDC’s emissions are associated with the Council’s electricity consumption. Identifying buildings such as schools and offices with significant areas of flat, south facing roof space could lend itself well for the installation of roof mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. Solar PV installation…

… consumption requirements or fed back into the electrical grid via the government’s Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme. Electricity production from solar PV may not always coincide with times of electricity demand. Energy storage systems are often incorporated in parallel with solar PV to help address this issue. Electricity generated from the solar PV panels can be stored for use when the sun…

… • To fully meet ELDCs electricity demand, an area of approximately 8,300m2 would need to be covered with solar PV panels. This is approximately the area of 1.3 football pitches • This would result in GHG emission savings of 463 tCO2e / year and electricity bill savings of £159264 / year It should be noted that the UK electricity grid is already in the process of decarbonising, and ELDC’s electricity…

… is not shining, or in order to limit the power exported to the grid. Currently the most commonly used storage technologies are batteries and water heating. Detailed feasibility studies will need to be carried out to assess the economic viability of this carbon reduction opportunity. Rooftop Solar PV • ELDC’s 2018 electricity consumption was ~1635 MWh, which amounts to a daily usage of ~4.5MWh per day…


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