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Oxford City Council

Direct link to citizens' assembly (PDF)

…. They wanted to know what large businesses and government were doing to change their ways – and, in the latter case, to support individuals and communities to meet ‘net zero’. Related to this, there were many questions about how changes – new heating systems, retrofitted homes, solar panels – will be paid for. ▪ There was, therefore, a sense that the council needs to communicate a shared vision…

… polluting. ▪ Assembly Members identified a tension between setting aside land for green space while, at the same time, allowing for new housing to be built. Renewable energy ▪ There was surprise at how much Oxford has already done about renewable energy. ▪ Electricity was viewed as more expensive than gas, and there were concerns about the affordability of solar panels. ▪ It was felt that too…

… the existing Oxford City Council Citizens’ Panel – itself recently recruited by Ipsos MORI on a randomised stratified basis. The gaps in the profile of members recruited this way were filled via a second stage of free-find on-street recruitment (see below for more detail on these two stages of recruitment). ▪ All participants were recruited by Ipsos MORI specialist recruiters. A purposive sampling…

… approach was adopted, whereby key quotas were set, and participants were recruited according to these using a screening questionnaire. ▪ The final Assembly Profile for both weekends can be found in the Appendix which illustrates the demographic breakdown of the Assembly Members. Stage one: Building the Oxford City Council Citizens’ Panel ▪ The Oxford City Council Citizens’ Panel

… is an existing bespoke panel of Oxford residents recruited by Ipsos MORI, used to conduct various ad hoc research studies covering various policy areas. To create this initial panel, a random sample of 13,500 household addresses from across the city was drawn from the Postal Address File (PAF) for the Oxford City Council area and a postcard was sent inviting up to two household members to register online…


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