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Chorley Council

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… a layer of plants which act as a shade for the bus stop’s roof and will absorb the heat for evapotranspiration, thus reducing the ambient temperature and the amount of heat radiated to commuters.They provide a habitat for many small pollinating creatures, and improving biodiversity. They also provide visual amenity and can include solar powered lighting. Greenhouse gases that absorb heat…

… the insulating effect of certain gases in the atmosphere, which allow solar radiation to warm the earth and then prevent some of the heat from escaping. HVO Hydrogenated vegetable oil, a biofuel derived from used cooking oils, residual fats from food processing and non-food grade crops. Used as an alternative to conventional diesel. Invasive species A non-native organism whose introduction within…

… from within the earth), wind, and solar. Resources Chorley Council Carbon Footprint Report 2021 Add link when published Chorley Council Clean Air Strategy The 25-year environment plan…


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