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London Borough of Croydon

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…: The Environment and Climate Change Partnership 13 5.1.1. The structure of the Environment and Climate Change Partnership 14 6. What has been done 15 6.1. National Indicator 188, ‘Guidelines For Planning to Adapt To Climate Change’ 15 6.2. LCLIP summary: priority climate change risks in Croydon 15 6.3. CREW: Community Resilience to Extreme Weather 17 7. Behavioural change 18 7.1. What are our aims? 18…

… risks. The key outcome from this work has identifed the borough’s vulnerability to surface water fooding as well as the impact of extreme temperatures on local infrastructure and biodiversity. The CREW (Community Resilience to Extreme Weather) research which is being conducted by 15 universities across the country is hoped to inform much of the forthcoming risk assessment work with regards…

… of climate change will incur if action is delayed and average global temperatures exceed a 2°C increase. To accompany this warming the magnitude and frequency of extreme weather events will also increase, putting Croydon at a higher risk of foods and droughts. Therefore it is essential that Croydon develop a strategic action plan for the implementation of adaptation measures to limit the effect…

… Climate Change Mitigation Action Plan 11 4 Risks posed by long term climate change in Croydon Globally temperatures have already risen by 0.7°C and all but one of the warmest years on record has occurred since 1990. This rise in temperature has been accompanied by a rise in extreme weather events including the unseasonal localised fooding which occurred in Croydon…

… with the corporate risk register. Croydon Climate Change Mitigation Action Plan 16 6 What has been done 6.3 CREW: ‘Community Resilience to Extreme Weather’ The project ‘Community Resilience to Extreme Weather’ (CREW) is a research project, established to develop a set of toold for improving the capacity for resilience of local communities to the impacts of future extreme


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