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Selby District Council

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… temperatures, at different rates around the world. This sudden and rapid increase in temperature of the Earth system is causing disruption to the intricate balance of climate systems and weather patterns, leading to extreme weather events. These are no longer events that will happen in the future, with repeated extreme weather events happening recently in the past 10 years causing large scale destruction…

… and storm events since records began, and with predictions estimating that these events will only get worse, we have to act quickly to try and reduce the impacts of climate change to a minimum. Elsewhere on the planet, people are experiencing sea level rise, soil erosion, droughts, extreme weather events and wildfires. It is clear from the events that we are seeing that we must act now, and quickly…

… for ourselves and all other life on Earth within just a few hundred years. Our Challenge Whilst we live in a usually stable temperate region of the world, we are not immune to the effects of climate change and extreme weather. Within the district we have experienced the impacts of flooding, periods of reduced rainfall, high temperatures, and powerful storms, all of which have been made more likely due…


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