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Uttlesford District Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… of extreme weather events. The global temperature changes are reflected in the UK and illustrated in the graph below. What do these climatic changes look like in Uttlesford district? It is expected that weather may become more variable which will result in a number of changes. The typical summer will become hotter and drier creating drought conditions with implications for growing crops…

…. These are our priority areas. Sustainable food: Encouraging local food productiion and long term security Council: Keeping essential services running Community resiliance: Improving drainage and storage Tourism: Preparing hotels and attractions to cope with extreme weather events and adapt to a warmer climate Built infrastructure: Improving the resiliance of roads and buildings Health…

… and capacity to know what to do in an extreme weather events and support their parish emergency plans. This includes a wider understanding of flood risk, knowing the nearest community place of safety or preparing a family or business emergency plan. At organisation level we will explore county wide carbon literacy training programme for local authority officers and consider wider roll-out in other…

… organisations to validate decision making and support delivery of services. Infrastructure The way we live and use resources will need to adapt and our weather is projected to also significantly change. Our existing infrastructure will need to remain resilient to these changes in our climate and more extreme weather events The Council and our partners need to continue to undertake key maintenance…


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